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New Board Develops Strategic Plan

February 29, 2016

One of the first items on the agenda for the new Board of Directors in 2015 was to review the Mission and Vision of Downtown Sudbury BIA.

  • Mission: To maximize the long term interest of our members.
  • Vision: Downtown Sudbury will be the cultural and economic hub of Northern Ontario.

The next step was then to develop a Strategic Plan - one that would build upon successful programs, projects and partnerships to meet that Vision. With the help of a facilitator (Gerry Labelle), the Board had countless meetings to discuss strategies, objectives, actions, finally establishing a Plan that was presented to the General Membership for discussion and feedback. This presentation took place in November 2015, with approximately 70 attending and participating in round table discussions. The result was very positive, with member feedback supporting the Strategic Directions and Objectives outlined by the Board for their term.

7 Strategies were identified that reflect the key work areas of Downtown Sudbury BIA:

  1. Special Events: Organize, promote and manage events that will help highlight the benefits of and attract more people and customers to the Downtown.
  2. Marketing: Develop, implement, promote and manage customer driven programs to effectively market Downtown Sudbury.
  3. Municipal Liaison: Continuously and effectively liaise with municipal government and its representatives in order to promote and foster cooperation.
  4. Downtown Environment: Continuously improve the downtown environment and ensure it is physically and environmentally attractive
  5. Economic Development: Promote, encourage and support Economic Development initiatives that benefit Downtown Sudbury.
  6. Member Advocacy: Advocate, lobby, represent our members at all levels of government and to be the voice of downtown business.
  7. Organization: To operate a credible and active membership driven association that considers the desires of its membership by involving them in the decision-making process.