Downtown Membership

Banner Rental Program

Downtown Sudbury has been growing significantly with numerous new businesses recently opening and the hope of many more to come. Our community plays host to street festivals, community sports, a bustling nightlife and entertainment district, Street Art, murals and much more that helps place us in the top 3 tourist destinations in the City of Greater Sudbury. We invite you to capitalise on these amazing crowds and constant street traffic by advertising your business on banners hung throughout the core. Located in prime spots across the entirety of the DSBIA, these banners will expose thousands to your brand.

Hanging Banners across Downtown Sudbury

About the Banner Program

As you can see from this picture, the placement of the street banners offers a great view from any angle,ensuring all eyes are on your brand. Your business is entitled to the street side arm outside of your business for free (no pole rental costs). Should you and your neighbour desire the same pole, both sides will be made available to you, again at no rental cost. For our initial run, we are offering a one-time deal of printing and installation for your entitled space for the minimal cost of $200– if submitted before June 1st. ALL requests are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Should you want to increase your exposure and hang banners on other poles throughout the Downtown Sudbury BIA District, that can be arranged for a fee of $250 per pole per quarter, assuming it is currently vacant.. Again, ALL requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis for any set time period. 

You are responsible for the design and printing costs of your banner; the BIA will cover putting it up, and subsequently, its removal. Should you want to put your banner up outside of identified times in the chart below, an additional fee will be charged.

Design Specs:

  • Banners should be designed to be 48 X 24 in size and a final product can be procured through our existing supplier relationship if desired.
  • The cost to have a banner printed through us is $125 each.


  • We require that all banner designs be approved through the BIA office before being hung and we also require the immediate removal of any that are tattered, ripped, torn, etc., from your pole.  
  • For safety’s sake, we will provide an accredited installer to put them up a few times a year. If you would like to install outside of our scheduled instals, the rental price is $100 per pole per month, as well as an installation fee.

A DSBIA Logo will be added to the bottom right corner of your design.             


MonthsBooking Window
July – SeptBooking Now – Before June 1, 2023
Oct – Dec.Booking August 1, 2023
Jan – MarchBooking December 1st, 2023
April – JuneBooking March 1, 2024


Outside your businessApprox 150 BannersFree for Members
Light PolesApprox 150 Banners$250 each/Quarter

Get on our initial run! Email kyle@DowntownSudbury.com to get more information!